The art of eating, and cooking, in a motorhome


It is clear that carrying the house requires a plus of organization. To plan our trip and not have any unforeseen events, we must do a good review of everything that we will need. It is not complicated, it just requires a little attention.

At Comercial Caravaning we have a shop to help you equip your vehicle. We recommend that you have your own kit for your vehicle.

One of the points that can be more complex is the subject of meals. Space is limited, you cannot store much food and you have to take into account the utensils that you will have to use. To make everything easier, here are three basic tips for your next trip.



Kitchens in motorhomes are always tight spaces. The motorhomes that are now sold on the market are all very well equipped, with a kitchen, usually a gas stove, sink, refrigerator, hob ... they have everything you need, but you have to do it. Above all, if what we are going to do is rent a camper, it is essential that you have it well planned and that it is signed in the contract.

  • If the vehicle is our own, in addition to the basic equipment, we have to do with a good kitchenware. It saves money.
  • The basics, plates, cutlery, a good set of knives, pans and pots.
  • A cutting board, essential for preparing vegetables, cheeses and meats.
  • Tuppers.
  • A wringer.
  • A juicer.
  • A toaster.
  • Coffee maker.
  • A pot-oven.
  • A barbecue to be able to use it in the allowed places.



For those who do not want to complicate life too much and if cooking is not your thing, it is best to throw a lot of preserves. Carry the van full of cans, either for snacks or to prepare some good tripe with chickpeas, you have to equip yourself well with cans and cans. If you like to cook, the day you wear it, make more quantity and freeze. The next day you will appreciate it.

Buy ready-made dishes that only need a heat stroke. Use few utensils, it is not necessary to prove that we are good candidates for MasterChef. Think about the water to clean ... That is essential!

Give the snacks a try. A sandwich and a can of beer enliven the day for the most painted.

The potato omelette is a classic of the holiday food. Since peeling and frying potatoes is still not very appetizing, opt for the “potato chip omelette” mode. By soaking the bag of potatoes a mouse in the egg, the result is not that it is a Michelin Star, but it gets out of the way with great dignity. Fruit, always have lots of fruit. Bringing fruit that will last several days out of the fridge is the best option. Buying from local producers is an option… Buying what you consume per day is great advice.

And for the sweet moment, buns and cookies for both breakfast and snack can be very helpful. Although it is not very ecological, if they are in separate containers, much better, they will not get hard.



As it is a small space, it is essential that order is always present. To do this, you do not have to give laziness a chance and clean up the kitchen as we finish eating. The nap will be much more pleasant.

To collect quickly it is important to have:

  • Tuppers to store leftover food.
  • Aluminum foil and film to cover and freeze if necessary.
  • A couple of disposable tableware, for the day we are in a hurry.
  • Various scouring pads and dishwasher. Multipurpose cloths, which are useful for everything.

The collaboration of all the members of the group is an obligation. With this list in mind, you are sure not to go hungry. Now, the best thing about traveling and seeing new places is also trying its gastronomy. Different cultures are also known through the stomach, and, especially if you travel to a foreign country, do not hesitate. Eat out and enjoy the route.


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