Where do I park my caravan while I am not using it?

Hello caravaners!

There are many who, when the fall, cold, rainy and others decide to park the caravan until the weather improves and the low temperatures pass. But, faced with this situation, many of our clients ask us the same question: where do I park my caravan while I am not using it?

If we have a caravan we own, we cannot leave it parked wherever we please. Not only because comply with regulations, but because it can be a bit risky to leave it anywhere and run the risk that some friend from outside wants to take it away.

For this reason, and for the rest and tranquility of our clients, at Comercial Caravaning we have a caravan parking area. The parking is at our facilities, in Alcorcón, and has all the necessary services: emptying of wastewater, laundry for clean the outside of the caravan, alarm to guarantee the safety of the vehicles and access 24 hours every day of the year.

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Advantages of storing your caravan in a safe place

#1. Tranquility

You can sleep peacefully knowing that your caravan rests in a safe place. The investment we make when buying a caravan or motorhome is high and, therefore, it is a good that is important to take care of and keep under control. Leaving it for a few months in a safe place will be a success.

#2. Location

One of the main advantages of our car park is that it is located around 10 kilometers from the city center, thus avoiding having to enter the busy city center traffic that can sometimes drive you a little crazy.

#3. Quality

It is important to know that the chosen car park is of quality and has what is necessary for the caravan to be in good condition. In our case, all the ground is paved so it will be easy to circulate even if there is a storm. In dirt car parks it is difficult to walk and maneuver with the caravan in the event that all the ground is muddy.

#4. Services

The goal is that our vehicle is cared for and cared for. We have an area for cleaning, emptying of sewage, connection to electricity, security systems ... The objective is that you can be calm all the time that the caravan is in our parking lot.

#5. Trust

At Comercial Caravaning we have been immersed in the world of caravans and motorhomes for more than 25 years. We are experts in this type of vehicle and we know the sector and the market like the back of our hand.


What other services do we offer to our clients?

#1. Workshop

We have expert mechanics in different branches such as mechanics, electricity, carpentry, sheet metal, painting ... In addition, we work with various brands and we know well all the vehicles that arrive at our workshop.

Some of the brands that we represent and of which we are an official workshop are Bürstner, Etrvsco or Adria, great references in the world of caravanning.

#2. Special offers

We put at your disposal a series of promotional items and accessories with lower and cheaper prices. It is one of the most visited sections of our website. We invite you to take a look. In addition, you can not only see the articles on the website but you can visit us in our physical store in Alcorcón. We are sure that you will find the perfect accessory you were looking for.

We hope that it has been of help to you and that you count on us without hesitation for any issue related to your caravan or motorhome. You can contact us through our website and we will respond as soon as possible.

A hug from the Comercial Caravaning team.

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Good afternoon
I would like to know what prices they have and if they have any bonus for having it rented all year round
Thank you


Good morning, how much would you charge to leave a caravan less than 750 and 480 long?


Hi, I am looking for a good protection cover for both summer and winter for my special high roof volkswagen california. What could you offer me?

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