How much does a motorhome consume

One of the biggest concerns when buying or renting a motorhome is the issue of energy consumption. We explain how much motorhomes consume and how to manage fuel well to go further with less expenses.

How much do motorhomes consume?

The motorhomes They are mostly diesel, and therefore the cost of fuel is lower than that of other fuels such as gasoline with medium-high displacement. On average, a motorhome consumes about 10 liters of diesel per 100 km.

The high cost of diesel consumption It is a point to consider for any family or group of caravaners. Sure, fuel prices have dropped considerably, however, it does not mean that it is not a representative expense.

Modern diesel injection systems allow driving at very high and regular speed regimes. But that translates into higher fuel consumption. That is why if you check forums, you will probably hear some caravaners mention about 15 liters of diesel per 100 km. Comment the portal Mundovan

If your intention is to drive with high and regular speed regimes, surely the issue of the fuel budget is not a concern. However, if you want to know how to drive a motorhome while saving fuel as much as possible, there are some tips that you can put into practice.

Practical tips for saving consumption in a motorhome

Spending on fuel is an expense that no motorhome can avoid. However, if we improve some habits and completely change some hobbies, we can save fuel. These are some practical tips for saving consumption in a motorhome that you can follow.

  • Proper maintenance saves you a lot on fuel. Make the corresponding engine oil and filter changes, and you will obtain lower consumption values.
  • Did you know that the friction produced by a tire when turning accounts for around 25 % of the fuel consumption of the motorhome? That is why the choice of a good tire is relevant, but even more important is the level of wear. If you have the tires in good condition, you will notice a significant reduction in fuel consumption.
  • If the aerodynamics of the vehicle are altered, consumption increases as a consequence. That is, the installation of photovoltaic panels, parabolic antennas or other elements on the roof of the vehicle, should be done only when it is essential and in a way that does not interrupt too much air flow. All these accessories have an effect that increases fuel consumption.
  • When starting out, practice habits like waiting for the yellow glow plug warning light to go out, or stepping on the clutch and having the vehicle in neutral. This will save you some fuel.
  • While driving, we recommend using high gears at a constant speed. When you reach the desired speed with this method, you will not only be able to relax, but you will also keep your fuel consumption from skyrocketing.

Finally, keep in mind that the choice of vehicle is a fundamental factor for consumption. Due to the aerodynamics issue, for example, the Nasturtiums are the motorhomes that suffer the most in terms of fuel consumption. We hope this post has helped you determine how much motorhomes consume.

Final conclusion

How much does a motorhome really consume?

  1. What most influences consumption is aerodynamics, not as in many of the cases that take into account weight or length.
  2. The majority of motorhomes have a reasonable consumption. Always in order to have a normal consumption average we will have to take into account the weight, number of people, speed ...

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I imagine that there will be models that consume more gasoline than others, right? If so, could you guide me a little bit? Thanks in advance.

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