Useful tips for traveling by motorhome

Travel in mobile home It is an exciting experience, but it requires a good dose of planning and organization if you want to make the most of all the possibilities. Novice buyers and those who are taking their first steps in the world of caravanning they are the ones who usually make the most mistakes. In many cases, due to ignorance of the regulations that affect this way of traveling. .

For that reason and more we will try to help in this post by offering you some helpful tips What you should keep in mind before going on a motorhome trip:


All vehicle occupants must carry with them ID or passport and medical card, and the driver or drivers must carry the valid driving license, as well as the European driving license if they travel outside of Spain within the member states of the European Union (EU) and the International Driving Permit when they move outside of it .


The documentation of the motorhome must include the registration certificate, the vehicle data sheet and the insurance receipt. Before leaving it is important to verify that all of them are valid. We must also bear in mind that it depends on where we travel we will need the green insurance card.


Checking the condition of the vehicle is essential to guarantee a comfortable and safe travel. In a previous post we gave you some clues about the items to check before going on a trip But, in addition, you have to check the condition of the shock absorbers, the levels of water, oil, brake fluid, batteries and the air pressure in the tires, remember the spare wheel. Similarly, it is worth reviewing all the elements that make up the interior of the vehicle, including hardware and water, gas and electricity equipment. For any unforeseen event that may arise during the trip, it is worth having a jack, flashlights, batteries and spare lights, in addition to the emergency triangles and the reflective vest, which are mandatory in the event of an accident.


Once the destination is chosen, it is advisable to set the places of interest and stops logically. Depending on the time available and the weather forecast will make you plan better. In this sense, the internet is the best ally, although it is worth having a GPS naviganator to guide you during the journey. With regard to this GPS there are already available various equipment with the possibility of setting the measurements of the motorhome, which will help you optimize time, correct the route quickly in case of confusion and not get into narrow areas.


The weather forecast, in addition to helping you plan the route to follow, will allow you to know what clothes you should select for the trip. In order not to forget anything important or carry useless things, it is best to make a list with everything you need. Do not forget the hygiene products, the mobile charger and a small backpack to carry the essentials if you go on an excursion. It is also highly recommended that you incorporate a small first aid kit. This kit should include, at a minimum, pain relievers, sunscreen, antidiarrheals, mosquito repellants, motion sickness pills, plasters, bandages, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, and betadine.

We hope that all these tips have been useful to you. In our Online store you will find many articles to make your trip more comfortable and enjoy the most of the caravanning, plus a selection of  used motorhomes the best price.

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