We all associate summer with vacations, and as one thing leads to another, the motorhome magically appears as the icon of those days of rest, freedom and rest that we all need. Comercial Caravaning customers know that a review before leaving is important,  and a little refresher on the way back  supposes a lot of tranquility for our next getaway.  Usage is the best source of knowledge.

Because,  so that our vehicle arrives alive next year, or better yet, to our next vacation (we all know that we don't have to wait that long to take advantage of our leisure), we offer you a series of tips to keep it stopped, but in top shape , which is undoubtedly one of your most precious possessions.

Due to space issues, it is difficult for a motorhome to fit in a conventional garage space. That makes these vehicles, despite their practicality and capabilities for daily use, a more sporadic option. Therefore, several procedures must be taken into account that will prevent premature aging.

To begin with, everything we can do to insulate the motorhome from excessive heat or cold is welcome. Temperature is a major wear factor.  Your pieces will be protected, either the exterior plastics or mechanical elements less visible.

Dirt will be easier to control if we cover the vehicle with a cover. Of course before  is  a good exterior cleaning is mandatory. Saltpeter or dirt   they can be the beginning of many problems.  Something as gross as bird droppings is one of the biggest sources of paint damage.  In addition to, of course, emptying its interior compartments of perishable food, before converting  our vehicle in a fungus and odor laboratory. 

If there is no shade and we have to leave the vehicle in a hot area, it is better to leave your windows and skylights closed, and not just for safety. When the environment refreshes, the ideal would be to open one of them so that the air enters and is renewed inside the vehicle. The idea of a specialized car park such as Commercial Caravaning never hurts. It is also the opportune moment to  the revision of some noise or the installation of some type of accessory that we have seen among other users.

Something particular about caravans are their water drainage systems, which we must empty to prevent freezing and that can destroy the internal conduits of the vehicle. The pipes, tanks and pumps must be emptied so that this does not happen.

Check all door, window closures  and skylight. Unclosed skylights are a source of trouble.  Therefore, a last review never hurts ... 

Humidity is our great enemy. The place where we park must be well ventilated and everything free of humidity as possible. The idea of disconnecting the battery is not bad, but it is better to start the vehicle every so often (just let it idle) so that its battery recharges and other internal fluids circulate through the engine.  Lack of use is a source of problems. 

It is necessary to have an element as simple and essential as the wedges to ensure that the motorhome is well "fixed" and without danger of its tires deforming if it is going to be standing for a long time. For this reason, it would also be ideal to move the caravan slightly to prevent the tires from deforming due to the weight.

Shims are also a much better solution than resorting to the handbrake, without going any further, which can wear out from prolonged contact with the shoe and drum. Leaving a gear in can also help prevent wear on the brake system.

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Javier Iglesias
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