Caravaning is an art, and if the economy is tightening or we are starting to do so, renting can be a perfect option so as not to deprive ourselves of anything. It is also a good way to know well the terrain we are on. On Comercial Caravaning we think we think of these friends who want to make a great trip through Europe and who choose to make one of our vehicles their home for several weeks.


The holidays are still, unfortunately and after all, a limited period of time, so having a motorhome for four weeks in autumn, two months in winter or that trip to the North Cape in the middle of the work season It can be the perfect intermediate way to start or enjoy the camper world without having to make an excessive outlay. Avoiding the high season greatly changes the way you prepare a trip.


Renting is a way to test that model that we like so much but which we still doubt is fully adapted to our needs. The industry knows this and that is why it is developing increasingly interesting and varied rental options, capable of adapting to new consumer needs ... before and after the pandemic.


But that does not mean that we should know its rules or pay special attention to a number of points. Especially if we intend to rent a vehicle for a long-distance journey, where we must exploit all its capabilities, or long-term, a border that is located when the rental lasts more than two weeks.


Naturally, the first element to take into account is the price, which will lead us to rent one or the other model. The second is the age of the vehicle, which in turn also determines the price ... but also the characteristics of the vehicle.


If we want a latest model for aesthetics or simply to enjoy the latest technological contributions from brands and preparers, and if that is vital to our experience, obviously a recent model will give us a better service. It must be taken into account that technology evolves very quickly in this sector, and that a two-year-old motorhome is already considered differently. Also that it is better to opt for a proven vehicle to be able to trust it, so in the middle term it may be the best option.


The route that we plan to take and the use that we are going to give the vehicle is another fundamental factor. If we are going to travel by motorway, secondary roads or do somewhat more complicated country routes, it can motivate us to opt for one type of vehicle or another. Good advice can save you big.

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Javier Iglesias
Javier Iglesias
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