Keys for proper behavior in the campsite

More than a way to enjoy the holidays, the caravanning, that is to say, traveling with a kind of miniature house as transport, is a way of life that attracts more and more people and a more varied public: families, couples, single people, groups of friends ... type of tourism is gaining more and more followers, it is important to review and remember what the behavior at the campsite where it is practiced.

The caravanning movement

The first caravans as leisure vehicles began to be devised and built at the beginning of the 20th century in Europe. It would not be until the 1960s when this movement emerged in Spain, coinciding with the time of economic and social opening that brought the boom in tourism. It came to the country through European visitors who already used this way of traveling and it has evolved over the years. To such an extent that, today, the comforts that can be found in a caravan or motorhome are very similar to those of a house.

It is a different form of tourism compared to the traditional vacation of a hotel or apartment. Caravaning brings a fundamental ingredient: freedom. Traveling in this type of transport allows you to be wherever you want at any time, enjoying the landscapes and places that the route you are doing offers you without having to arrive at a scheduled time because a reservation has been made. There are no watches that are worth. Time and space take on a different meaning when traveling like this, being able to stop to enjoy a cove, a sunset or a field full of sunflowers in comfort.

Caravaning and camping in Spain

In Spain the camping only is allowed in specific places Like the campsites, of which, luckily, we have a huge network in Madrid. More than five hundred enclaves have the necessary services for campers and also for users of caravans or motorhomes. In the case of the latter, parking is the same as for the rest of the vehicles.

Proper camping behavior: tips and advice

If you choose to stay in one of them, either with your own vehicle, in a bungalow or camping with your own tent, civility and commitment to others should be the flag. These are some keys and tips to follow:

  1. Comply with the rules general information about the campsite, which are usually visible at the reception or information areas.
  2. Do not make noise from the indicated time, respecting the rest of the other campers.
  3. Leave public places (bathrooms, playgrounds, swimming pools) clean and collected.
  4. Using them waste collection points correctly. This includes waste from the taps of the motorhome (sink, toilet and shower) and waste from the bathroom, which must be deposited in the places authorized for this.
  5. Take care of nature, both the fauna and the flora of the place.
  6. Prevent boys and girls young children are alone in places that can be dangerous (swimming pool).
  7. Respect privacy and privacy from other campers, as well as the space that each one has at the campsite.
  8. Do not let loose pets company and try to make their needs outside the limits of the campsite or in the places designated for it.
  9. Maintain a maximum speed of 10 km / h when moving around the area.

Remember, lover of caravanning: you behavior at the campsite It is a role model for the people you live with.


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