How to stay awake behind the wheel and remove sleep?

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In terms of road safety there are issues, how to stay awake, which depend more on the driver than on the conditions of the vehicle, the road or the weather. All factors must be taken into account to travel safely and arrive safely at the destination.

What driver has not had a dream behind the wheel? It's very dangerous. It is estimated that a 30 % of traffic accidents, more than 1.4 million drivers, are due to the loss of attention that drowsiness brings. 800,000 of these accidents were serious or very serious. It is convenient to wake up on this matter!

Here are some very useful tips to avoid or reduce drowsiness and stay awake while driving.

¿How to stay awake and remove sleep while driving?

Drowsiness reduces the driver's attention span, which can lead to falling asleep. For it to be a danger it does not have to be a long dream, or sleep like a log. Normally, only a nap of two or three seconds so that the car loses direction.

These are the tips that you should keep in mind:

  • Sleep well. It is so obvious that sometimes it is forgotten. Sleep is prevented by sleeping, there is no more. It is advisable to maintain good sleep habits to avoid drowsiness from arriving while driving. To get a good rest and prepare for a new day on the road, seven to nine hours are usually enough.
  • Rest on the road. Long journeys, boredom at the wheel, heat, endless straight tracks ... All these factors cause fatigue and make us lose our attention span. To prevent fatigue from turning into snoring, rest whenever you feel fatigued. each two hours or every two hundred kilometers. Sometimes it is enough to stop at a gas station and stretch your legs to refresh your sleepy head. At other times you will need to take a nap or have a caffeinated soda.
  • Avoid bad hours. Driving during hours when you would normally be sleeping (usually at night) causes the body to shut down. It is necessary to avoid as much as possible to take the car in those hours. At night, the period is especially dangerous between 3 and 5 in the morning. If you can, avoid these times when we are more likely to fall asleep.
  • Avoid heavy meals. After eating sleep appears, especially if it is copious and heavy meals. Therefore, if you are going to drive, lunch or dinner should be light, fresh and easily digestible. That is, no bean stew or half kid with double dessert, we leave that to when we get to the campsite (and without disturbing if it is night).
  • Hydrate. It is convenient drink fresh water often, because dehydration causes fatigue very quickly.
  • Avoid substances that cause drowsiness. Some medicines make you sleepy. Not only should heavy machinery not be operated, as the leaflets say, but the driver should not take the car if he needs those. drugs. Of course, you have to avoid alcoholic drinks and the drugs. Driving under its influence is prohibited, but it is not a question of avoiding a penalty, but of avoiding risks.
  • Cool and ventilate the car. Heat and stale air are enemies of the driver. Ideally, keep a few 20 °C and wear cool and comfortable clothing. You have to roll down the window to renew indoor air and raise oxygen levels. Yes, if what it does is very cold you will have to follow other tips when driving (especially if it's all snowy).

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To conclude, the most important thing is that the driver is aware of being drowsy. Many overestimate their own driving ability even when they are very sleepy and their eyes are closed. So the best advice is to assume that you are not in good condition and stop.

¿How to stay awake? Paradoxically, sleeping what things, eh !. Taking a nap on the road is more effective than "I can."

Happy off-road dreams! And don't let the same thing happen to you as Homer Simpson =)

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