How to clean the clean water tank of the motorhome?

If you want to have a good trip, then it is important that you manage the cleaning and hygiene of your caravan. That is why in this article we will help you to know how to clean the clean water tank of the motorhome. We assure you that by the end of this post, you will be an expert on the subject.

What is the clean water tank?

This tank is in charge of storing all the clean water inside your caravan. Having it will allow you to have water throughout the journey. However, if you do not maintain it well, these waters will not be as clean as you think.

It has happened to many people that, after a long time in their caravan, they decide to check this deposit and what they find ends up terrifying them. This is because when you open it, the container is slippery and full of fungi.

In addition to being really slippery, your tank is likely to fill with viruses and bacteria that can affect the health of your family and loved ones. To avoid this, you must know how to clean the clean water tank of the mobile home.

Make the water in the tank drinkable

This is the best advice we can give you. By making the water in the tank drinkable, it will take much longer to get dirty. In addition, you will be giving treated and really clean water to your family.

Knowing this will be of great help if you are one of the people who usually collect water in any part of the journey of your trip, so you can control how drinkable the water you are going to consume is.

The procedure is as follows: to each liter of water you must add 2 drops of chlorine to the 5%. If you do, your water will be much more drinkable and clean, eliminating the risk of acquiring different diseases.

At we have many years of experience renting and improving your caravan. That is why we recommend having a chlorine purifier so that your water is always fully treated.

How should you clean it?

  There are several ways to clean the clean water tank of the motorhome. However, in this post we focus on the two most reliable and accurate ways to accomplish this task.

Silver Chloride is a powerful bacterial and fungal killer. In the market you can find it very easily in two presentations: powder or drops. In addition, this product pays a lot and a single bottle can be used multiple times.

So that you have clear measurements, for every 100 grams of silver chloride 10,000 liters of water are purified. You must add it when your tank is full and wait 2 hours for it to take effect.

Another option that is really useful when cleaning the tank, are the purifying tablets and their use is easier and more practical than that of silver chloride. You only have to add one pill for each liter of water and voila, completely drinkable water.

At we care about your health and that of your companions during the trip and that is why we take care of providing you with the best service and advising you in the correct way so that there are no unforeseen events during your trip.

We hope that all this information will be of great help to you and now that you know how to clean the tank, you have no excuse to start planning your trip now.

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I wanted to ask you where these products would be put into the water tank.
In my case it seems that the only access point is where it fills with the hose. There is a large cap in the tank but I think it is sealed and even the instruction manual specifies that it would be advisable to use a purifier or cleaner through the filler neck. And I can't think of how to introduce a powdered watermaker for example.
Thank you very much if you can guide me a little on this.
a greeting

Carlos Navarro

We recently purchased an AC FLAIR 7100I from the year 2000.
We want to clean the tanks, but we don't see where to access the Aguas Limpias.
Can you tell me how to assign to said deposit.
Thank you.


Hello, something similar happens to us.
Have they managed to find out?
Thank you

Susana morais

Good afternoon,

I am interested in renting a motorhome for 2 adults and 1 a child, from September 4 to 7.
I would like to know what models are available for these dates and what would be the price.

Thanks and best regards,

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