How does electricity work in a motorhome?

We all recognize that one of the greatest comforts we have when traveling in a motorhome is having electricity throughout the journey, but do you know how it is produced? If your answer is no, be calm, because in this article you will be able to know the truth.

How is energy generated in a motorhome?

All motorhomes They have 2 batteries: one in charge of starting the engine and another auxiliary that takes care of the electricity inside. Both batteries are similar, of the "starter" type.

However, the auxiliary battery does not generate the electricity necessary to connect the appliances you normally use at home. The sockets that are used on a day-to-day basis are generally 220v and the motorhome only generates 12v.

This means that during the trip, with a fully charged battery, you will probably have 2 hours with the lights on and 2 hours with the television. At the end of this time, the battery will run out.

A curious fact is that when the battery is running low, the lights do not turn off immediately, but they will decrease their intensity little by little, depending on how discharged the battery is.

Some motorhomes have special batteries. These will allow you to use your hairdryer, charge your laptop or connect a mixer while you enjoy your trip.

 Solar panels

Many caravans have solar panels installed on the roof in order to produce more energy during the trip. As long as there is more electricity, you can have the freedom to power more appliances for longer.

There are many solar panel kits and some produce more energy than others. The basic kit consists of 100w, but, in the market, you can find others that produce up to 500w of power.

However, you should know that the sunnier the day, the higher the energy production. This means that on cloudy days or during winter, the full 500w will not be produced.

Remember that when renting a caravan, you should find out how many batteries it has and if it has solar panels installed or some other way of producing energy.

Solar panels are an ecological and easy way to produce more energy during your trip, but they are not the only one.

Gasoline generators

By this we mean small gasoline engines that, thanks to an alternator, produce a current close to 220v. That is, the current necessary to be able to have plugs in your caravan.

There are them with different powers, but those that have 1000w give you the possibility to turn on the lights, use the microwave and watch television at the same time.

The only bad thing about these electric generators is that the noise can be a bit annoying. Therefore, you should make sure to buy one that does not produce as much sound, those that generate 60db or less are the most appropriate.

Now you know how electricity works in a motorhome, in addition, you know ways to increase energy production. But some people want a trip away from electrical appliances, so now you have to answer a very important question: how much energy will you need during your trip?

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Rosa Maria

I can put light, refrigerator, tv,
With a special caravan battery and then charge that battery with electric current, since the caravan is fixed in a garage and there is no electricity in it.
Would it be enough with a battery to have many useful hours?


To watch TV, refrigerator, cell phones, computer, something microwave and hairdryer



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