Caravaning in Portugal: the most famous and beautiful routes to travel with your caravan

The neighboring country includes many magical places that one cannot miss under any circumstances. Visiting the country's capital, in this case Lisbon, is not enough to get to know the true charm of Portugal. What better way than to discover all the unique corners that make up the country than by caravanning in Portugal?

The best routes to do caravanning in Portugal

When it comes to traveling, unintentionally, the most exotic countries attract more attention. However, the neighboring country shows a considerable cultural change, and best of all, it is not necessary to leave the Iberian Peninsula. It is important to highlight its gastronomy, its incredible almost virgin landscapes, its architecture, its cultural heritage and, above all, that it is about one of the cheapest European countries.

Here are two essential routes to discover Portugal, perfect to pique your curiosity and encourage you to discover this magnificent country from north to south.

Route 1: Serra da Estrela Natural Park - Lisbon - Évora - Alentejo coast

The approximate duration of this tour would be two weeks and would start in the Serra da Estrela Natural Park, nothing more and nothing less than a glacial park at more than 2000 meters high. In this area the Piao campsite, located in Covilha. A good option for camping and enjoying the wonderful views that the park offers.

Then the capital, Lisbon, a more than obligatory stop. The city of seven hills is great for trying arroz con marisco. It is exquisite! Also, a good option is to take the famous Tuk Tuk tours to avoid climbing the hills on foot. The city's attractions are the neighborhoods of Graça, Chiado, Belem and Alfama, the Cathedral and São Jorge Castle.

The third stop on this route is Evora, a city considered a World Heritage Site by Unesco. The most visited places are the Chapel of the Bones, the Roman Temple, Crómelech de los Almendros and the church of San Francisco. On the outskirts of the city there are very cheap rural campsites to stay.

The last stop is the Alentejo coast. This natural park is possibly one of the best kept secrets in Portugal. It is more than 200 km of wild beach, cliffs and fishing villages.

Route 2: Costanova - Nazaré - Óbidos - Éceira - Sintra

The approximate duration of this tour is twelve days and it begins in Costanova, of which the promenade full of typical houses painted with stripes stands out. In front of them there is a signposted site for motorhomes, perfect for spending the night.

The second stop is Nazaré, where the viewpoint of the church of Nuestra Señora de Nazaré and the lighthouse stand out, which can be visited for a small fee. The best seafood can also be found in the city. It is important to note that there is an area for motorhomes on the north beach.

The next stop is Óbidos, a small medieval town worth visiting. It also has a campsite equipped for motorhomes where you can spend the night for € 6 a day. Then it is the turn of Eiceira, the city of surfing. It is perfect to get lost walking through its streets with the sea in the background.

The fifth and last stop could not be other than Sintra, romantic city where they exist. Next to the garden of the Ajos Museum there is an area set up for motorhomes. It is essential to visit the castle of Quinta da Ragaleira, where for about six euros you can access this magical place. The best thing is to go slowly and take advantage of the many charms of the place.

Perform caravanning in Portugal It is, therefore, an incredible way to get to know the country.

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