Caravan parked for a long time: 6 tips to take care of it

Hello caravaners!

Soon the cold, the rains and other weather that accompanies the fall will arrive and the routes that we do with our caravan will be less. Although there are always adventurers and road lovers who go out on routes rain, shine or snows, there are / are many of us who leave the caravan parked for long periods of time.

That is why in this article we want to give you some advice if you are going to leave the caravan parked for a long time. It is important to protect it, keep an eye on it and take some precautionary measures to find it in good condition when we use it again.

Shall we start?

Tips if I leave the caravan parked for a long time

#1. We will empty the waters

Absolutely all the water tanks in the caravan must be left empty. Leaving water in the caravan for a couple of months can generate bad odors and bacteria around it. In addition, not only can it stagnate and generate lime but if we are in winter we run the risk of freezing and breaking a pipe or faucet.

CONCLUSION: it is essential that you spend the time necessary to leave the caravan without a drop of water!

#2. Well inflated wheels

Yes, to the maximum, and we explain why. The wheels are the supports that support the entire weight of the caravan, especially when it is stationary. Although these tips serve to prevent the condition of the caravan from worsening when it is stationary, we do not recommend that you leave it without moving for more than a month and a half or two months. If we leave the caravan for more than a month and a half, we run the risk of the wheels deforming and the engine losing strength over time.

CONCLUSION: inflate the wheels well but move the caravan every two months


#3. Disconnect the battery

As with the battery of our car, mobile or simple batteries, over time they discharge even if you do not use them, especially if you leave them connected to the device in question. The same happens with the battery of our caravan. The best thing is to disconnect the terminals of our battery because it is a way to extend its life and take care of it so that it lasts as long as possible.

CONCLUSION: disconnect the battery terminals


#4. Don't leave food inside

Many of us have non-perishable food inside the caravan like pasta sachets or airtight jars of legumes and so on. No one would think of leaving a couple of bananas and oranges inside because we know they would soon go bad, get moldy and the smell could be nauseating. However, we would be confident in leaving an envelope of dehydrated pasta or an innocent pot of Asturian bean stew. Our advice? Take it all out. The main reason is that things that in our opinion are never damaged or are anyone's objective, we can be surprised and find the pantry full of ants or other insects when we see it again. These can be attracted by the smell and we can get an unpleasant surprise.

CONCLUSION: we will not leave anything in the caravan


#5. Anti-theft measures

The first and best advice we can give you to avoid serious scares with your caravan is not to park it for long periods on the street. There are many caravans that have suffered damage from some other friend of the alien who has tried to force it to enter and spoil it for doing grace. We strongly recommend that you park it in a caravan park in your city.

In addition to that, it uses some extra method such as an anti-theft for the steering wheel. All security measures are little when it comes to protecting our precious caravan.


CONCLUSION: parking and special protection measures


#6. Visit regularly

Although we follow all the security measures in the world, our caravan is part of our way of life and we must take care of it as if it were our home, since many days of the year it is actually our home. Even if you are not going to move it every time you go, visit it regularly and check that everything is still correctly. You can take advantage of it to ventilate it when you go, check the condition of the wheels and check that the advantages and doors are still properly closed.

CONCLUSION: no matter how many security measures you use, visit the caravan frequently


What do you think of our tips to take care of the caravans in the months that they are parked? Is there any security measure that you think is essential to appear in this article? Leave us a comment with the security measures that you establish when you leave your caravan parked for a while. We will love to know your routines and care, and the rest of the caravaners too!

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