What category of vehicle does a motorhome belong to?

When we buy or we rent a motorhome We must know all the legal requirements that driving and traveling in one of these vehicles implies. In that sense, we need to quickly answer many questions, such as what category of vehicle does a motorhome belong to? From Comercial Caravaning we give the answer.

What is a motorhome

Let's start by defining what a mobile home in order to understand the category to which it belongs. The motorhome is an autonomous vehicle, which works to transport and accommodate two or more people. Therefore, it not only has the driver's cabin, but also a special cabin that incorporates everything the user needs for the trip. The equipment can vary a lot according to the model, but basically the user inside the cabin has a place to sleep, a bathroom and sometimes a kitchen and dining room.

The objective of this type of vehicle is to provide internal autonomy to the user, who can travel without interrupting the usual development of daily life. That is why the motorhome provides all the necessary devices and services. The types of motorhomes available in the current market are: overhead, profiled and integral. The weight and dimensions usually range between 6 and 7.5 meters in length and 2,500 and 2,800 kg in weight.

What category of vehicle does a motorhome belong to?

But now we go to the heart of the matter and give a legal framework to this type of vehicle. In Spain, a motorhome (profiled, nasturtium or integral) is considered a tourism vehicle. This type corresponds to the type of driving license, stops and parking lots, signage, among other things. However, there are some different regulations for the motorhome compared to other tourism vehicles.

The main difference with passenger cars is the speed limit. Regulations limit motorhomes to 100km / h. On the other hand, drivers can drive with a type B license, which enables driving of normal passenger cars or other types of light cars weighing less than 3,500 kg (the Maximum Authorized Mass). If the vehicle exceeds that weight, the driver must carry a type C license.

Regarding parking regulations, motorhomes are governed by the same parking and stopping regulations as other vehicles. These are the rules to follow with a motorhome:

  • Maximum time of 48 hours to park.
  • You can only camp in special areas for this.
  • Beware of filling and emptying waste in liquid form.
  • The regulation prohibits washing the motorhome in service areas.
  • Be careful not to violate the law of maximum mass authorized by the dimensions and weight of your vehicle.

Regarding the first point (maximum time of 48 hours to park), you should note that parking and camping are not the same. Many people in possession of a motorhome confuse both exercises and end up breaking the law. If you are not in a camping area, then you are only parking your vehicle and you must move it within 48 hours.

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Hello, I have a camper, I want to know if I am parked in Sona de Proivido, except tourism. I can be fined, thank you


We are going to buy a camper that a specialized company is manufacturing and it can be homologated as a caravan, they mount it on a Peugeot boxer from 2017.
They have told us that the vehicle looks to be from September 2019.
Thanks a lot.

Sergio KG

The maximum parking time depends on the corresponding municipal ordinance and even usually varies by neighborhood. In tourist and commercial areas it is usually a few days, in normal neighborhoods it is usually a month. This article falsifies the legal reality by saying that you can only be parked for 48 ha


Good morning,
I have a Knaus motorhome with 3 axles and mma 4500kgm. The classification of the vehicle is 3348 MOTORHOME MMA> 3500KG. It is June 2006, with the first registration in Spain, and at the ITV they passed me the last one with 12 months, but the previous two, with periods of 6 months, and from what I see they are not very clear.
Really how often do I have to pass the ITV, every 6 or 12 months.



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Javier Iglesias
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