The best camper vans

More and more people decide to spend their summer holidays hitting the road with one of these vehicles.

The Fcamper urgonetas they are the perfect example that you can have practically everything you need to live in a small and portable space. These vehicles are eequipped with all the comforts.

Below we list which are the best brands:

  • Bürstner

Since the founding of the company in the 1920s, a long time has passed. From a small carpentry a modern industrial society emerged. What has not changed is the will to be unique. No matter the technical advances, modern shapes or variations in the models: a Bürstner is an exceptional one in its own right.

the best campers

  • Laika

After several years limiting itself to the manufacture of motorhomes, Laika re-enters the camper world with two vehicles for the most road-going customers.

  • Hymer

The concept of “traveling with mobility” is always linked to the HYMER name. Hymer is one of the most prestigious brands in camper vans. All HYMER vehicles are equipped as standard with extensive safety equipment

  • Furgo Karavaning

FurgoKaravaning offers me the possibility of having your own custom camper. Either taking your vehicle to be transformed or acquiring it with them.

  • Dreamer

Fully equipped vans for your vacations and daily trips. High quality, compact models at affordable prices. The two ranges that have been very well received by motorhomes are the spectrum FUN and the spectrum SELECT.

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And the weinsbers ... how are they? I am looking to buy. And I don't know which one. And what about the 540, too small for 2 people?

Alvaro Lorente

Very interesting, but I would add BunkerVan as high quality national "camperistas".



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Javier Iglesias
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