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60 years go a long way, and if you don't ask Rapido, a motorhome preparer with extensive experience and allows us to look with optimism towards the future.  For something it is one of the reference brands in Comercial Caravaning.


It all started with the initial idea of Constant Rousseau, who tried to bring his own spirit, indissoluble from his own identity, to a series of models with a vocation to, however, please everyone. This balance is achieved very from time to time, but the Rapido range - with its integrals at the head, joining the cabin and the passenger compartment in the same chassis - is an example of this. When we see one on the road it always becomes a  aspirational.

Ingenuity, quality, originality ... these are all characteristics applicable to the Rapido range, a company that has managed to link itself to the best builders and at the same time preserve that intimate, family spirit, which, on the other hand, comes so well to a recreational vehicle that goes from discovery interior and exterior, such as a motorhome.

Everything is magnified in the 60th anniversary of RAPIDO, represented in the special series 60 Edition, characterized by exclusive decoration and upholstery, a modern and dynamic interior and exterior look and, above all, new equipment with a clear orientation to comfort and details so originals such as an integrated vacuum cleaner to facilitate the cleaning, maintenance and aesthetics of our motorhome, which in its integral form is designed as a base to provide as much space as possible.


The quality is demonstrated in the equipment in the durability. Examples? A new digital control panel, a heating distributed through the leg of the living room table and other solutions related to heating (either an Inet remote control, a tank of  heated wastewater and yes, its powerful Trump Combi 6 gas and electricity device),  that already tell us where the shots go in the 60 Edition gala.

Both inside and outside, a fluid and dynamic design links forms and functions, a characteristic that is also common to all the firm's models.

The integral ones, in addition to the above, have a newly designed coating on the lower part of the cab bed and the roof cabinets have been rethought to fit in the new lines.

Of course the  Rapido integral, characterized by a large panoramic windscreen that gives a new air to the interior, are made up of a wide range (from low to high capacity and price, the 8F, 80dF with double floor, the Distinción series and the specific M series of Mercedes, these last two are the highest-end of the special series) that gives the customer a choice between a wide range of models, options and prices.


In total, 16 motorhomes united by the 60 Edition finish and Rapido's brand vocation to always satisfy the more customers, the better, since from the most basic model of all of them, the 854 F we find a 2 + 2 arrangement, for both sleeping and traveling, which turns these RVs into true family homes on wheels. Congratulations, 60 years is a wonderful number.

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FAST 896

FAST 896

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