iManager Wireless

iManager Wireless is the innovative management system for all batteries and energy needs on board. It allows managing up to three batteries, even with different technologies and amperages, improving their performance and, thanks to the automatic battery cut-off function, it also conserves their life.

Thanks to its touch screen, iManager Wireless It shows all the information available, both on the state of charge of the accumulators and on the modes of use, and allows you to select the batteries to be activated or deactivated, or a more personalized management with a single touch.

iManager Wireless constantly monitors the voltages of the two batteries and, taking into account the charge and discharge currents, automatically decides and selects the battery to use.

In addition, the system has an output dedicated to the motor battery, when it detects a charging source (mains battery charger or solar panels) towards the service batteries and the latter are at the 100%, it sends a maximum current of 4A to maintain the engine battery charged, so bad start-up surprises are avoided.

iManager Wireless composed of two units it can be installed with all types of batteries and vehicles, thanks to wireless communication.

* installation not included in the price.


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