LPG cylinder installed

Fixed liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) tanks are the generalized system in Europe for refilling gas in motorhomes and campers, since in addition to storing a greater amount of fuel and guaranteeing a more effective use, they allow it to be recharged quickly and practice at gas stations. To travel to Europe is an immediate need, but its generalization nationwide, make this system a benchmark in Spain in the short term.

The LPG cylinder is characterized by:

  • It allows greater gas storage (23 kg of storage in the LPG tank compared to 13 kg in the butane cylinder).
  • You do not have to change the bottle, just recharge the gas at a pump.
  • Refilling at gas stations represents a lower cost than the traditional butane bottle (11 euros per LPG refill compared to 13 for a butane bottle).
  • The LPG System offers a better rationalization in gas consumption.
  • It has a built-in indicator that reports how much gas is left inside the tank.

There are five different types of external nozzles in European countries for gas refilling, so once the LPG system is installed, we must select the type that requires the supply where we are, for which we just have to turn the thread of the outer mouth * to switch from one type to another.

The installation includes:

  • Steel LPG cylinder
  • Filling adapters.
  • Filter
  • External socket
  • Filling hose
  • Gas certificate
  • Installation labor

With everything included, the price of the installation of 1 cylinder is € 830

For the installation of aluminum or composite cylinders, contact us by email at info@comercialcaravaning.seryson.es

If you want to include the Duo Control or Mono Control with Crash Sensor in the installation, contact us by email at info@comercialcaravaning.seryson.es

In case of having Duo Control or Mono Control with Crash Sensor, it will be necessary to install a Truma safety lyre (€ 48.88 additional)


* Price including VAT and installation.

Before: € 950

Now: 830

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