Route through Toledo in Motorhome


Castilla La Mancha is, still today, one of the great unknown for national tourism. This quixotic land combines tradition and an unexpected beauty that must be understood and that is very different from all the others that we can find in Spain.

The north of Toledo, when you look at the Sierra de Gredos is a different territory. A tour of its roads, lakes, towns and swamps offers us a beautiful and inexpensive tourist offer, which also fits like a glove for fans of weekend routes.



A land of legends that deserves to be visited and traveled, as well as enjoyed. Without going any further, the very name of the Sierra de San Vicente already tells a story, that of the three Vicente brothers, Sabina and Cristeta, who escaped from Talavera but were captured and buried in the Romanesque church of San Vicente.


The mountain range is located between the Tiétar and Alberche rivers, which already makes it possible to park in swamps like Cazalegas to, in summer, take a good bath or, in colder moments, simply stare at the stillness of its waters, widely used to recreational purposes. More than a dozen quiet towns with a medieval air offer us an image of the gastronomic and artistic offer of the place, with must-see appointments such as the castle of Bayuela or the aforementioned hermitage of San Vicente.


Other towns such as Nombela, Navamorcuende, Hinojosa or Rapude are perfect for a getaway to park and climb towards the remains of the fortifications in the area such as Cerro Cabeza del Oso or the castle of San Vicente. That mix of walking and road is perfect. However, we must warn of the painful signaling of the width of the streets and that can cause us problems if our vehicle is very large.


Other populations can be mixed with these small towns. We are really just an hour from Madrid on the A-5. On pre-Christmas dates we meet small producers of marzipan and polvorones, which are almost as important as other architectural jewels such as Maqueda and its castle. An interesting parking area is at the entrance, on the Ávila road, with day and night parking very close to the beautiful town and with shops to supply us with supplies.


Let's talk about the excellently preserved Castillo de la Vela, conceived as a Roman defensive enclave that the Muslims converted into a castle and the Christians reinforced even more, specifically the Cárdenas Enríquez couple. They say that Isabel La Católica put it to good use by spending certain seasons within its walls.



The Torre de la Vela, on Calle Real, is another defensive stone construction, like the Gothic church of Santa Maria de los Alcázares. In both there are remains of arches that were part of the old fortified wall. We cannot forget the Caliphal Gate, which reminds us again of its Muslim legacy, because this story is about Moors and Christians.


Escalona, just a few minutes following our path along the A-5, or the old road to Madrid, is another destitute town on the banks of the Alberche. Again, they can boast of a splendid castle, that of Don Álvaro de Luna, worthy of a good chapter of Game of Thrones and that also comes with a legend included. Alfonso VI ordered it to be erected to guard the border, and its military purpose shines on all four sides.


For the rest, Escalona is a charming place: a castle, a church and a plaza with strong military airs, but beware, it is also a beach that calls out to Madrilenians in hot weather. The water is set by the Alberche River and the heat, that sun that shines brightly in the summer months. The food, in the perfectly equipped picnic area.


Among the beach bars arranged for our entertainment we can park our recreational vehicle, and incidentally access numerous mountain bike or trekking routes or play with the children or our pet. If we prefer a somewhat more urban context, we can go to the town itself. In the parking lot of the sports center, on Avenida de la Constitución, we can find more than enough space to park our motorhome and spend the night without major problem.


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