What is an island bed or central bed?

This type of configuration is one of the most demanded since it is characterized by having access from both sides.The central or island beds are undoubtedly more comfortable and practical than other types of environments, since they have a great width and they are especially comfortable if two people sleep as a couple

The most popular vehicles for the installation of this type of factory beds are integral and profiled.

Flex Space system

Most of today's low profile motorhomes with island beds have the Flex Space system. This system makes you have absolute comfort at bedtime and can adjust the height of the bed to your liking.

Advantages of Motorhomes with bed on the Island

Another advantage of island beds (or central bed) is that some of them usually have a cellar under the bed base where they serve as storage. In many cases, that part of it is occupied by the water heater, which will be much easier when it comes to maintenance or cleaning.

Normally profiled motorhomes are those with island beds (central beds). In the bedroom we will usually find a shower tray independent from the bathroom and toilet area, this is located right in front of the shower.

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I am looking for a new or used profiled motorhome with a few kilometers and less than 3 years, with an island bed and 4/5 seats,

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