Air purifier for motorhomes and caravans


New air purifier to install in your motorhome, caravan or camper and to be able to enjoy your greatest hobby, Caravaning with ease!

From Comercial Caravaning we know that health comes first, and even more so in times of a global pandemic that affects all aspects of our lives. For this reason, we have searched for and selected a new air purifier that eliminates bacteria and viruses with a strong sterilization of ions in the air, thus guaranteeing the health and quality of the air in closed environments.

This new system is ideal for our recreational vehicles (Motorhomes, Caravans and Campers), especially in this time of COVID 19. Our peace of mind, in these difficult times that we are living, is that we breathe clean and non-polluting air.

The purifier has three integrated modules that work together to ensure complete air purification, these three modules perform the following actions:


                  • UV lamp disinfection.
                  • Photocatalyst disinfection.
                  • Elimination of viruses.
                  • Negative ion purification.
                  • Contains HEPA filter. double return


With these modules, this purifier is able to carry out sterilization rate of 99'9% and dust removal rate of the same percentage, effectively remove harmful gases such as formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and all kinds of bad smells.

One of the most critical things to take into account, especially in camper and motorhome, is consumption since in our vehicles we have "limited" energy. In this aspect, the new air purifier is also highly efficient, having a consumption of only 8W / h, so this new system is, also in this aspect, ideal for our recreational vehicles, it also has a built-in timer to turn it off. automatic in the time you want.

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