Spain tolls: an expensive but safe option


The theme of Spain tolls related to the activity of the caravanning It is an open debate about whether they are worth going through or whether to avoid them because they are too expensive and there are always other alternatives. When prepare a motorhome trip attention must be paid to a multitude of details, and the choice of route is one of them.

Choose route when going with caravanning

It is time to start the journey. Wait a minute! Is the chosen route the fastest, cheapest and safest? Will it be a significant outlay to go by highway? Would it be better to go by conventional road even if it means a waste of time? All these doubts are reasonable, even when we are driving. Let's see how the issue of highways is Spain toll, if it is worth taking them when we go with the house in tow or if, on the contrary, it is better to take alternative routes that do not involve so much financial expense.

The 20 most expensive tolls in Spain

Although there is a part of the specific regulation for the motorhome driving license, according to the General Traffic Regulations, in article 48, the maximum speeds that must not be exceeded by the cars out of town are as follows:

  • For caravans and trailers weighing less than 750 kilos, the maximum speed on motorways and motorways is 90 km / h. If it is by conventional roads with more than 1.5 m of shoulder, 80 km / h. If it is less than 1.5 m, then 70 km / h.
  • For caravans and trailers weighing more than 750 kilos, the maximum speed on motorways and highways is 80 km / h. If it is by conventional roads with more than 1.5 m of shoulder, 80 km / h. And if it is less than 1.5 m, it is 70 km / h.
  • For motorhomes, the maximum speed on motorways and motorways is 100 km / h. If it is on conventional roads with a shoulder width of 1.5 m, 80 km / h. If it is less than 1.5 m, also 80.

Taking into account that the maximum speed on a highway is 120 km / h and that on a conventional road that speed varies depending on its characteristics, It seems clear that choosing the motorway is going to be more profitable in principle because it offers the option of a constant speed and fluid traffic, even if we do not reach the maximum allowed. Despite this, is it always going to be this profitable? It will depend on the territory through which the route to be made passes, as well as the time of year or day chosen to travel. Because the price of the toll of some of them changes depending on where the highway is located and its traffic flow, with what in peak hours or in summer your rates will be increased.

Tolls in Spain:

This is the list of those who were the 20 most expensive tolls in Spain in 2016:

  1. Sóller tunnel (Mallorca): € 5, € 1.65 / km.
  2. Cadí Tunnel: € 11.57, € 0.38 / km.
  3. Vallvidriera tunnel: € 4.16, € 0.24 / km.
  4. San Cugat-Manresa: € 10.18, € 0.24 / km.
  5. Artxanda tunnels: € 1.10, € 0.22 / km.
  6. Baraja's airport: € 1.95, € 0.21 / km.
  7. Castelldefels-Vendrell: € 10.50, € 0.21 / km.
  8. Alto Pedrizas-Malaga: € 4.95, € 0.17 / km.
  9. Villalba-Adanero: € 12.30, € 0.17 / km.
  10. Campomanes-Leon: € 13.05, € 0.16 / km.
  11. Malaga-Estepona: € 12.40, € 0.15 / km.
  12. Madrid-Navalcarnero: € 4.50, € 0.15 / km.
  13. Estepona-Guadiaro: € 3.25, € 0.14 / km.
  14. Segovia-San Rafael: € 3.95, € 0.14 / km.
  15. Burgos-Armiñón: € 12.10, € 0.14 / km.
  16. Leon-Astorga: € 4.95, € 0.13 / km.
  17. Cartagena-Vera: € 13.95, € 0.12 / km.
  18. Madrid-Arganda: € 4.30, € 0.12 / km.
  19. Circunvalación-Alicante: € 4, € 0.12 / km.
  20. Madrid-Guadalajara: € 6.90, € 0.11 / km.

The Spain tolls offer the opportunity to pay for a service that allows you to go faster, saving time and giving more security to the trips of caravanning. Of course, taking a highway will always be more expensive than going by conventional road, that's why it is necessary to weigh well what are the priorities of the trip.

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