Energy Pack


  • Two 200 W solar panels with a powerful MMPT for charging the living area batteries, you will always have your batteries charged even if you spent the last night with the TV or the lights.
  • Second low-profile living area battery, by installing this new battery in your motorhome you will have twice the energy to consume, use your television, microwave, lights, computer ...
  • 2000W pure wave inverter installed to all sockets. With this Inverter you can use microwaves, nespresso ... without having to be connected to external power. Comfort in your home is what you have always looked for.
  • iManager, this system will allow you to keep the energy available in your batteries under control, giving you instant information at all times.

It is a complete pack to increase, maintain and control the energy in your motorhome as well as being able to make better use of it with the pure wave inverter. Now at the best price.

RRP: 3,000 euros     

OFFER PRICE: 2,370 euros


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