The best Adria motorhomes

The caravan brand Adria It has a total of 450 dealers throughout Europe. The models it offers have characteristics that make the experience within them optimal. However, each of the models, which are divided into three different ranges, offer different characteristics than the rest. In this text we are going to see some of them.

Models of Adria motorhomes

The Adria motorhome models are divided into three different ranges, which are divided into three models.

Adria sonic: Stands out for offering improved comfort thanks to new mattresses, cushion design and lighting. The number of approved seats is between 3 and 4, depending on the model. The range has the models:

Adria sonic

    • Sonic Supreme: It is the model with the most luxurious interior and the best features.
      • Sonic Plus: It is the middle level of the range. However, it has a luxurious interior and all kinds of high-end features.
      • Sonic Axess: It is the access model in the Sonic range.


Sonic supreme


Adria matrix: The Matrix range offers style and versatility. The approved places are between 4 and 5, while the number of sleeping places varies between 3 and 6. The models that belong to the Matrix range are:

    • Matrix Supreme
    • Matrix Plus
    • Matrix Axess


Adria matrix


Adria Coral XL: This range offers elegant and practical motorhomes. It has up to 7 approved places and can accommodate 7 people. It has white bodywork, contemporary interior and high performance. Unlike the other two ranges, it only has two models:

    • Coral XL Plus
    • Coral XL Axess

Adria Coral XL


In short, the Adria motorhome models offer features that seek to satisfy all kinds of needs. Each of the models, divided into three large ranges, have specific characteristics and designs so that everyone can find their ideal motorhome.

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Where would the 2017 Adria Platinum be found? Axess, Plus or Supreme ??? Inside the Matrix….

Ricardo soler Pérez

Price of the 2021 supreme matrix profiled

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