When asked, what motorhome would I buy? Sure the word Laika Ecovip comes out on the list. It is the product that everyone likes. Elegant and discreet; classic and modern; for progressive urbanites and mature agropop. Everyone likes it and that has a cause.


Possibly it is that Italian touch that makes the difference.

All of Laika's experience in the camper sector crystallizes in the Ecovip, models created with the ambition of becoming modern classics thanks to its desire to combine the most modern technique with the Italian "a la maniera" craftsmanship.


laika ecovip


The Ecovip were created in 1992 and since then it has become the leading series of the firm, models where luxury finishes and cutting-edge solutions add to Laika's usual comfort and versatility. The integral ones are very striking, but the profiled ones show that beauty and proportion are liked by everyone.


As good Italians, at Laika they have proposed that their historical legacy, made up of artisans devoted to their profession, their passion and distinctly Tuscan good taste is noticeable in the design.


It is something that already weighed in the Renaissance manufacturing wine barrels, furniture and violins, and that now continues with the artisanal production of recreational vehicles. These are distinctive qualities that have distinguished these preparers from the competition, establishing themselves along the way as a leading brand in the increasingly crowded leisure caravanning sector.



The profiled Ecovips are not only works of art but practical vehicles designed to eat up kilometers and act as a mobile home for their occupants.


From the shortest model, the 2009, at 649 cm, to the 4009, at 740, they all seem designed to be liked.


The ingenuity of its space solutions, its visual elegance and the quality of its materials and mechanics help this. Attention to the interiors, where the good taste of its Italian decoration stands out in all the corners, with fluid and natural shapes, curved surfaces and a sophisticated appearance that pleases the eye. Perfect for long trips (its interior height is 205 centimeters), alone or accompanied, but also as daily transport if necessary.

ECOVIP3009 desde Laika caravans on Vimeo.


Living room, kitchen, rest area, bathroom ... In the Ecovip there is nothing lacking and natural lighting abounds thanks to the large windows wisely distributed along its different separate areas.

But what is different is the details, with extra-large doors that facilitate access and the traditional electric step that finishes off the play, and, inside, a wide and seamless surface on the floor, which is double for greater protection and insulation and also includes heating and lighting, as well as some storage spaces right where we need them. Its double floor is the best insulation we can find.


There is a lowered platform that allows luggage to be loaded on the rear exterior, and an interior indirect lighting system that creates subtle and nuanced effects both at night and during the day. The beds, with a natural latex mattress and slatted mattress, guarantee well-being, and the kitchen receives the best materials, such as the chrome-plated steel of the taps.


That Italian vehicles are just a pretty design is no longer credible. Its compartment for televisions up to 32 inches is as valid as water installations protected from ice, or heated pressure pumps ... Because the quality was not only going to be visible.



And from there, for various interior configurations and sizes, up to fourteen in total, not counting the numerous customization options and materials for each of them. It could be that no two Ecovip are exactly alike. Tuscany travels on wheels.


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