How to bring a dog in a motorhome

One of the great advantages of motorhomes is that you can travel comfortably with pets. Inside these houses with wheels you are the one who sets the rules, so you can take the dog, the cat, the canary and the pets you want. But the idea is that everyone travels comfortably, so we tell you how to bring a dog in a motorhome so that you have the best trip of your life.

How to bring a dog in a motorhome: 5 tips

A trip is a perfect time to be shared with a pet. For this reason, many prefer motorhomes because they do not have as many restrictions to travel with a dog. But there are several things that you must take into account when traveling and here we teach you how to take a dog in a motorhome.


Seat belts and carriers are uncomfortable for dogs, but not if they get used to them from a young age. We know that your idea of traveling with your pet in a motorhome is to put your head out the window, which is wonderful, but it can also be dangerous. For this reason, it is recommended that most of the time the pet wear a seat belt or go in the carrier. That way, in an accident, you will save his life.


The idea is not that the dog travels stressed, so for your comfort, it is best to make stops every two hours. This way the dog can smell the outdoors (which they love) and relieve themselves.

Visit places that you like

The idea is that the trip is a shared experience, so go down with the dog whenever you can to places that you know he will enjoy. Try not to leave him alone in the caravan and plan the visit to places that you know you can enter with him.

All you need

Just as you build your suitcase, build the dog's too. Although you may not consider it necessary, along the way you will notice that his feeder, drinker, toys and more are important to include on the trip. In addition to that, you can include a kit especially for the dog, with the necessary medicines and utensils for any emergency.

Remember the European passport

If you plan to travel outside of Spain in a caravan, it is important that you know that your dog must have the paperwork up to date. That is, the European passport with all the vaccinations up to date. If not, they are likely to get you in trouble at the borders. Also keep in mind that each country has regulations regarding the transit of pets, so you should look for the current regulations of the destination country to find out if there is anything else you should need to travel with the dog.

As a final tip, we recommend that you feed your dog well in advance before leaving to make the most of your disaster-free outing. We hope that this post about how to bring a dog in a motorhome will ensure you a happy and peaceful trip with your pet.

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Good afternoon,
I'm a novice at this. We have a golden and we are a little scared to travel with it. She is used to traveling by car, it is good but if we have to leave her alone in a motorhome in such a small and airy enclosure of course and hydrated… that scares me. It is a limitation if you want to visit a city and we do not know how to manage that. Are there campsites that have a kind of nursery service for these cases?
Thanks for the veterans advice.
A greeting.

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