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Today we inaugurate our Blog, a space where we will share updated information about our activity, but also a platform for interaction with our clients.

Through our blog we will publish useful information and news about the caravanning sector, as well as promotions about our fleet of new and used vehicles.

Similarly, the entire team of Comercial Caravaning we invite you to share your comments, send us suggestions and consult your doubts using this space.

Welcome to our blog!

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It is mandatory to have a gas certificate for a caravan, if so, where could it be done and if you do it, you could tell me that it would cost me. I don't use the kitchen. Thank you for your information, I hope to receive your response soon


Good morning Cristina.
Thank you for contacting us and sorry for the delay.
You can contact our colleagues:
Alcorcón: taller@comercialcaravaning.com or 916 111 453 EXT 3
Alcalá de Henares: postventaalcala@comercialcaravaning.com or 918 884 312 EXT 30
Best regards,
Comercial Caravaning

We are 25 years old!

We are 25 years old!

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Comercial Caravaning's speciality is the close relationship with our clients. You can come and check it out at Comercial Caravaning in Alcorcón, very close to Madrid, Móstoles, Leganés... Very close to TI (experts in caravans, motorhomes and campers in the south of Madrid).
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