Adria Matrix motorhomes

The range of Adria Matrix motorhomes was designed by Adria Mobil company in 2010. These motorhomes are characterized by the combination of a futuristic design nails on features and benefits that make the Adria Matrix a unique range.


Design of Adria Matrix motorhomes


The Adria Matrix range is made up of different models of motorhomes: the Axess, the Supreme and the Plus. Both models stand out from other motorhomes for their futuristic design. In addition, the motorhomes of the Matrix range were designed with the aim of making them fully functional and comfortable.

Between the two models in the range, we can choose different sizes, depending on our needs. Also, one of the biggest design advantages is the ample space inside. If we look outside, the Adria Matrix allows a greater energy efficiency thanks to its aerodynamic design, which in turn supposes a design elegant and contemporary.

adria matrix design


Characteristics of Adria Matrix motorhomes


The range of Adria Matrix motorhomes stands out for having a long list of features. Some of the features that make the Exterior of this unique motorhome are:


  • Dynamic rear wall: On the Supreme model, you can have new LED lights.
  • Wide entrance door: In order to facilitate entry, the motorhome has a 600 mm wide door.
  • SEITZ S4 frame windows.


Between the interior features, highlight:


  • Front folding bed, with a lightweight structure.
  • Big dinette with Isofix and a maximum of 5 homologated seats.
  • Panoramic roof window.
  • Multimedia control panel.
  • Double height in the dining room.
  • Heating and solutions of storage.


In short, the Adria Matrix range of motorhomes perfectly combine a innovative and futuristic design with characteristics that seek to achieve a unique experience for the user.


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Comments (3)


Hello, I have an Adriá Matrix axess motorhome of 2019 and I am not able to know where the heating of the gray water tank is removed or put


Hello Jose. I have a 2.018 Axess 670 SC and the gray water heater selector knob is right at the left entrance of the garage. If you open the door, down and to your right you will see a selector that moves from top to bottom, the top being cold and as you drop the temperature of the tank increases.


I do not think you will find it. I also have an equal and it does not bring it, the commercial sells it to you and it deceives you taking advantage of the ignorance of ignorance but the axes do not usually bring it is from the plus

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