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At Comercial Caravaning we have been working since 1993 to offer the best vehicles for a big vacation with all the comforts. We are especially careful with the selection of our brands and we base our decisions on experience. In that order, we cannot stop highlighting and talking about Benimar motorhomes.


Great Advantages of Benimar motorhomes

Benimar is an originally Spanish brand, Valencian, to be precise, with almost 40 years in the leisure vehicle market. Respect has been earned at home by producing vans and motorhomes at the height of the times and circumstances.

Proudly Spanish, the brand manufactures modern vehicles, perfectly equipped for vacationing and above all reliable. It is a company with a production capacity of 3,000 vehicles / year. And it is especially recognized for the use of high-tech machinery, modern tools and systems in permanent innovation. It currently distributes in 12 European countries plus New Zealand and Chile.

Mainly distributes profiled motorhomes, integral, nasturtiums and vans. In that context, it has launched various ranges over the last 40 years, such as Aristeo, Perseo, Mileo, Tessoro, Sport and more. Each one with its particularities and important details that make the trip more comfortable.

In terms of equipment and functionality, these motorhomes are especially attractive for their parking control and other easy-to-use systems, the rear and front optics, the heating programmer to regulate temperatures, the electric bed control, the edges of three-dimensional tables , and more.

On the other hand, the distributions are complete. With central bed, or bed over garage or twin beds, bunk beds, kitchen or rear living room, double bunk beds, etc. You can choose between the models the intelligent distribution that you like the most. In short, Benimar motorhomes include all the basic equipment you need for the trip in a perfectly functional space.

The operation is comfortable and safe, especially from the Ford model cabin, which is much taller, more modern, with a smart display, etc. Also, the interior cabin is comfortable, spacious, modern and very bright. In conclusion, Benimar manufacturers are excellent space managers.


A trusted solution

Benimar is presented as a trusted solution, made at home. The motorhome market is growing and in that sense it is increasingly competitive. People are learning to travel on wheels, save and enjoy landscapes and destinations, on much more flexible vacations. Benimar understands this demand and generates increasingly practical and reliable vehicles to travel all types of cities, climates and roads, safely and profitably.

In addition, Benimar motorhomes distribute the space very well and you can choose from the ranges the distributions that you like the most. That is why the brand is mainly related to the idea of alternatives and solutions, due to the wide range of possibilities to choose from.

If you want to buy or rent a Benimar motorhome, at Comercial Caravaning we have a wide selection of models at an excellent price. Trust our track record and good judgment, and take a vehicle from the leading national brand on vacation.


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