Novelty! Instant Hot Water

In Europe, until now, both in Caravans and Motorhomes, the issue of hot water is usually solved in two ways, in caravans with small 5-liter electric heaters that are connected to the campsite at 220v and that their utility is minimal (They are good for washing hands or little else), or in Motorhomes with gas heaters instead of electric

These gas heaters have a small tank of 10 or 14 liters of water, which heat it to a maximum temperature. approx. of 60º and that they mix it with cold water, to obtain the water at a temperature approx. 30º for use in the sink or shower.

They work perfectly, but they have two major problems:

1.-The waiting time from when the heater is connected, until the water reaches a temperature of 60º, which depending on whether it is summer or winter or if it is more or less cold, it can be a few minutes or half an hour or more.

2.- The duration of hot water. In the best of cases, mixing the hot water at 60º with cold water, which in summer can be around 25º, we would have at our disposal about 30 liters of hot water available. As the pumps of the Motorhomes usually give about 8 liters per minute,  after four or five minutes we run out of hot water and again we have to wait for the 14-liter tank to heat up.

For a single person, perfect. If there are two of them, they have to take super quick showers so that they don't waste those 30 liters (for example, washing their hair at all).

If there are three or four, they have to wait for the water to heat up again.

The ideal would be to install a gas heater like the ones at home, which are INSTANTANEOUS and take the water from the main tank of the Motorhome, which is usually 70 or 100 liters, but these home heaters They are not legally allowed to be installed in caravans or motorhomes.

On the other hand, in the United States, most of the heaters that are used for Caravans or Motorhomes are INSTANTANEOUS with a special design authorized expressly for these vehicles, but they cannot be imported to Europe and therefore to Spain because the technical regulations are different and they are not approved to use them here

What we present as a novelty is the first special INSTANT heater for caravans or motorhomes officially approved in Europe that solves these problems, so from now on we can take a shower in our Motorhome, as we do in our home.

This is the model we present here, the Imass IWH-1,5E.


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