Running Water Kit

The caravans do not have a factory installed gray water tank, unlike ALL motorhomes. Most of the caravan models have a duct that connects the drains, the kitchen sink, the bathroom sink and the shower, at the same point. At this point is where the water falls directly to the ground, the most commonly used solution is to put a gray water tank with wheels so that the water is stored in it. The "problem" is that this tank has a capacity of 23 liters, which makes us be aware of it to empty it in the right places.

To be able to comfortably use the sink, washbasin or shower, we installed a large 70L tank with direct hose outlet so that through it you can place it in a drain and avoid continuously emptying the small mobile tank of gray water. You can completely forget about gray water during your vacation stay.

To complete this installation, we put a direct water inlet socket to connect a hose and have running water at home.

The best way to enjoy your passion, avoid worrying about emptying and recharging water, we take care of it.


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