Caravan routes in France: the essential and most beautiful ones to visit

If a few weeks ago we told you what were some of the most outstanding routes in PortugalToday we bring you some of the most beautiful in the Gallic country.

All caravan enthusiasts love to discover new routes while traveling with their camper. Road enthusiasts cannot miss one of the countries with the most charming corners in all of Europe: France. All travelers who dare to make caravan routes through France will discover during the trip that this is a country full of amazing landscapes: beautiful lavender fields in Provence, medieval castles on the banks of the River Loire, picturesque villages in the Pyrenees ...

Our neighboring country is a perfect place to hit the road. In addition, the good state of the country's infrastructures make it a perfect destination for all those who wish to make their first trip in a caravan.

Essential caravan routes in France

#1. The roads of Provence and the Côte d'Azur

Lovers of the Mediterranean will have a great time on the Côte d'Azur: turquoise water, small coves, cliffs, beautiful endless lavender fields ...

A good idea for those interested in this route may be to go along the coast, passing through cities such as Marseille, Nice, St Tropéz or Cannes and return through the interior, visiting villages of Provence such as Bonnieux, Gordies or Les Baux de Provence.

#2. On a route through Normandy

Located in the north-west of the country and bordered by the English Channel, Normandy is a place steeped in history in which important episodes such as the Normandy Landing in World War II occurred.

This area of the country has 600 km of coastline and in it you can find amazing places such as the cliffs of Étretat, very close to the small town of Honfleur, which can be visited in the same day thanks to the proximity between both points.

On this coast, it is also essential to visit the Normandy Landing beaches: Pointe du Hoc, Omaha Beach, La Cambe, Arromanches or Batteries de Longues are some of the sandy areas where the Allies landed more than 70 years ago.

In Normandy you cannot miss other sites like Mont Saint-Michel. It is a small rocky island that stands out for its beautiful medieval architecture.

#3. By caravan through the Midi-Pyrénées

Given the extension of this area, it is important to carefully select the places we want to visit in order to get the most out of the route. In the French Pyrenees there are places as extraordinary as the picturesque Conques. The city of Moissac can be a perfect place to start the route. Albi, Lauzerte or Cordes-sur-Ciel are other recommendations for this beautiful area.

#4. By car through the Loire Valley

Without a doubt this is the perfect route for fans of castles and medieval buildings. The Château de Chambord or the Château de Chenonceau, located on the banks of the River Cher, are the great must-sees of the valley. Other castles such as Clos-Lucé, Cheverny, Ussé, Sully Castle or Valençay Castle also deserve a stop along the way. In addition, during the route through the Loire Valley, you can visit towns such as Orleans, Blois or Amboise, towns that stand out for their lakes, their forests and their green meadows.

Reviewing some of the possible routes that can be done in France, it is easy to conclude that it is a country full of possibilities. Finally we give you some practical tips For all those who are starting in the world of caravan travel: for the experience to come out round it is It is important to spend some time before the trip to plan the route well. Finding the cheapest gas stations, which roads are in better condition or those with the most services will help make the trip go smoothly.

What are you waiting for to start your caravan route through France?

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I would like to go up to Mount Saint Michel, I have a week and 2 children of 5 and 4 years old, I would leave Álava.
Will it be a lot of beating in the motorhome ???
Thank you


Do you know if they mess with flaws a lot in France and Belgium?
Thank you


Hello, I have to go up to Belgium and I have a caravan of the old ones, let's not weigh less than 750kg as it comes in the file.
I wonder if I should go up with her in case the authorities look at her and weigh her down.
Do you know if they mess with flaws a lot in France and Belgium?
Thank you

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