DREAMER establishes itself in the camper market


The Dreamer series from the manufacturer Rapido lives up to its name.  It is a recreational vehicle for dreamers, capable of meeting the most daily transportation needs and at the same time serving as a motor home to reach any destination we propose in the company of family, friends or in the most gratifying solitude. In Commercial Caravaning  We know what our clients need and that is why it is one of our benchmark brands.

It is much more than a "van".  Its basic idea is satisfaction,  that offers the technical and creative capacity of the parent company.  The client seeks the feeling of freedom, either alone or in company.  Sharing is living, but discovering we can do it surrounded by our loved ones or on a personal journey towards wisdom, freedom, or simply the search for a fun time.

Dreamer participates in that search, but everything is easier with the desired quality. The entire vehicle arrives at our hands made with the best French craft and talent, with the best finishes, the most creative designs and the firm intention of lasting in time, rain, snow or shine.

One area where Dreamer hasn't skimped an iota is isolation. All motorhomes, from the most accessible to the most exclusive, incorporate XHP, a polyester-based polyurethane system with enormous insulating capacity, topped by a 25 mm Styrofoam floor that helps eliminate thermal bridges and creates an environment perfectly isolated from the exterior and also more efficient, since we will save energy from the vehicle's powerful heating and air conditioning system. In Dreamer they are not to be bragged for bragging, but they assure that in outside temperatures of minus 15 degrees the interior can reach a wonderful 20 degrees in three and a half hours.

We have positions to choose from for all styles. Without a doubt the  The main part of the firm's DNA is found  in its two ranges, Dreamer Fun and Dreamer Select, which add up to 16 different configurations while abounding in that search for freedom that the French propose to us. Its managers, therefore, have left no one behind and everyone will find a model that suits their needs.

The optional packs further complete the equipment of highly personalized vehicles in which we will not have to pay for what we do not use.

Take for example the D42, a compact but spacious vehicle that has a longitudinal bed but a careful use of space to facilitate occupant movement and storage. There is no lack of a spacious bathroom and all the mechanical reliability and power provided by the diesel engines of the Fiat group, an aspect common to all the devices of the French brand.

Even more reduced is the Cap Coast, which in less than 5 meters offers us a recreational vehicle on a Ford chassis with four sleeping places, six seats and a dynamic capacity on the road and to circulate in urban environments that will surprise even the most camper experienced.

Since we are sophisticated we have more options. Earlier we talked about the huge variety in the Dreamer range. And to prove it, another button that certainly flees from the conventional. The Living Van from the Select range is configured as a huge rear U-shaped lounge (easily convertible, of course, into a bed with a slatted base system) to which it adds another ceiling bed with shock absorbers. The dining room has five very comfortable seats that will help us to lead camper life in a different way.

To all this credibility (and its network of workshops and stores, a vital aspect once we are up and running) those of Dreamer provide an interesting plus of adaptation to the client and a certainly different personality, with a certain emphasis on performance and also creation. of new interior distributions. All this while preserving the know-how and professionalism of Rapido, long established as one of the leading companies in the preparation of recreational vehicles.

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