The great virtue of the motorhome is to make us feel at home despite being on a trip. This happens because the vehicle itself is our home, only a house with wheels that is capable of taking us from one point to another. At COMERCIAL CARAVANING we know that for this it is vital to feel comfortable, to have a series of elements that for us are unique and essential.


Obviously, the thing It is usually related to rest, and in particular to bed. This is an aspect in which we must throw the rest and where it is worth investing. We must not forget that we spend a third of our lives sleeping.


Aesthetically, there are many configurations, from single to double bed. In motorhomes of a certain volume, especially in profiled ones, the bed becomes the element that brings more personality to the sleeping area.


But the island bed It is the bed that takes the cake if we are going to make a long trip in a camper, since it is a surface with easy access from both sides that multiplies comfort and practicality by two and, therefore, is the ideal for couples and married couples to take a trip together.


This is the case of the Layka Cosmo 512 with an island bed, which adds to the usual reliability and good work of the brand a conception of space in which we will not feel overwhelmed. As a whole, it is a paragon of purely Italian design virtues and cutting-edge technological solutions that, in this specific configuration, adds the intelligence of a design that seeks above all habitability and space.


That is why its lounge with facing armchairs and the aforementioned island bed allow us and our companion(s) not to feel overwhelmed, socialize and together everyone feels... at home.


We have another good example in the Rapido 896 with island bed is another example of this. The successful French firm Rapido has been preparing caravans capable of adapting to all needs for 60 years. Constant Rousseau, its craftsman and founder, established it this way from the beginning: the comfort and convenience requirements of a good island bed are not lost on the French brand.


The more than seven meters of this configuration provide access and comfort in abundance, with a large open room with benches facing each other, a private and independent bathroom and, above all, a spectacular central bed of 160 x 196 centimeters where we feel better than home.


Something similar happens in the Etrusco 7400 QB that steps on the accelerator of comfort with a large island bed where we will not miss any space for ourselves or to store clothes or other belongings. Quality and luxury at affordable prices is what characterizes the firm, which offers multiple options to customize the vehicle.


The island configuration, which leaves symmetrical space on both sides, creates an independent space that is also tremendously beautiful (and in which it is easy to find space for our entire winter clothes wardrobe, either under the bed or in the furniture). that surrounds it). This 7.4-meter motorhome with German finishes and Italian design has great equipment and a multitude of high-luxury details, but the island bed is our favorite option for one type of user.

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