Hot water in motorhomes


Make no mistake: during our lifetime in the motorhome we aspire for it to become something like our home. And that's why  our vehicle  it has to bring together many of the everyday qualities and characteristics of our home. Hot water is one of the main ones, and there is no reason to stop enjoying it on vacation and in an unlimited way, without waiting and in a completely safe way. Hot water is much more than a temperature ... It is the feeling of comfort  that Comercial Caravaning we know very well.

The IWH-1.5E gas instant heater allows just that: to regulate the temperature of the water in our general tank without waiting and in a nuanced and precise way. Our vehicle is our home, and we do not have to deprive ourselves of those moments of relaxation and hygiene that are so necessary. The secret, or one of them, is the copper heat exchanger with up to an extraordinary 92% of efficiency. The weight added to the vehicle is rather low, so we will not see altered its weight / power ratio or its performance.

Comfort is maximum with this device approved by the European Community and designed to consume very little gas, up to 60 percent less than devices with a storage container. Therefore, continuous reheating is not necessary.

Security is maximum thanks to the external service door and, yes, it allows us to forget about it since it starts and stops automatically by means of a flow meter that acts  when we open or close the tap,  without unnecessary overheating. The brushless exhaust gas fan motor is highly efficient and highly reliable, engineered and built to last.

The price of this system is xxxxxx euros.   Its maximum power is 10 kW and the minimum is 5, enough to graduate between 35 and 60 degrees of temperature that we will reach in just a few seconds. More than enough for the whole family to take a shower with complete peace of mind, without waiting and without wasting a single liter of water thanks to its speed and efficiency.

And speaking of quality, the device will not offer problems of bacteria or corrosion because, precisely, it lacks a tank. The level of calcification is minimal due to the low temperature of the heat exchanger.

So with the push of a button we will have at our disposal up to 5.0 bars of hot water immediately and, in addition, silent, which is perfect for the night. And, of course, for holidays at any time of the year, but also in summer. Keep in mind that the burner output is continuously regulated through a modulation valve with processor control: a small technological arsenal to make us feel at home.

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