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In Comercial Caravaning We select brands with a good presence in the market and an excellent quality / price ratio. In that order, Laika motorhomes comply with all the guarantees of quality, safety and adjusted price, as to be highly recommended vehicles. We give you some concrete reasons to buy or rent a Laika and go out and conquer your freedom.


Great advantages of Laika motorhomes

Laika is a brand from the Italian Tuscany that, inspired by the great fields, the fresh air and the magnificent views of this land, has developed a range of vehicles that promote the idea of freedom. With a motorhome, planning a vacation is much easier, flexible and faster. Laika makes things even easier and more comfortable with its equipped, upholstered, and comfortable vehicles.

Although Laika is a brand that is manufactured in Italy, it is one of the most prestigious brands on the market, even more so since it is one of the brands belonging to the Hymer Group. Since it belongs to this group, we have a German manufacturing standard with that Italian "halo" that brings design and practicality to your motorhomes and campers.

Laika motorhomes are vehicles with which you can travel and vacation all year round, in all kinds of climates. They include technology to maintain indoor comfort during high and low temperatures. So by choosing the destination you can open yourself to all types of landscapes (countryside, mountains, beach, etc.) and even go from one climate to another without problems. This flexibility makes the motorhomes of the Italian brand, recommended vehicles for adventurers and groups of family or friends who want to go sightseeing.

On the other hand, it is important to note that one of the main qualities of this brand is its quality-price ratio. The Laika brand series is perfectly configured based on two ideas: comfort and safety. For comfort, the manufacturer has taken care of the small details, good space management, upholstered finishes and comprehensive equipment. While for safety, we must say that driving is precise and safe thanks to the widened rear track chassis. With all this, Laika delivers a high-end and high-quality vehicle at a very competitive price in the motorhome market, buy luxury without paying so much ...


Convenience at the right price

The caravaning philosophy of the Italian brand is perfectly evidenced in each of its models. These manufacturers have configured a vehicle that brings together the best qualities to get to know the world on wheels for a competitive price and with all the safety guarantees. In short, the brand encourages people to enjoy la dolce vita with accessible, efficient and safe vehicles.

Laika mainly distributes 4 types of motorhomes, the profiled, campers, vans and integral. The models present a perfect balance between interior and exterior, automotive appearance and modern interior design. While the full models also include modern interior designs, but they maximize the idea of comfort, with a free panoramic view from the large windscreen and a completely satisfying feeling of open space inside.

These are just some of the reasons why at Comercial Caravaning we sell and rent Etrusco brand motorhomes. Check the available models and make a profitable and very comfortable investment for your next vacation.

Number of places
Sleeping places
Laika Kosmo 509
4 Persons
Laika Ecovip Profiled 409
4 Persons
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